Cold Storage launches ‘My favourite things’ TVC

SINGAPORE – Cold Storage, one of Singapore’s largest supermarket chains, has launched a TVC as part of its branding campaign promoting the freshness of its groceries.

The spot features animated groceries and animals dancing to the classic 1959 Broadway tune My favourite things across summer green fields, highlighting the freshness of Cold Storage produce.

The TVC comes on the back of Cold Storage’s print branding ads that was carried in local dailies a few months ago.

According to creative agency, LHM Advertising, the idea was to entrench Cold Storage as Singapore’s favourite supermarket, where customers would always find their favourite grocery brands.

Jassie Ling, marketing communications manager at Cold Storage, commented, “The big idea captures the brand value of Cold Storage and the creative execution captivates our target audience.”

Herman Lee, CEO of LHM said the greatest challenge they had while developing the campaign was to “up the ante on what we have done before”.

The spot was created by 20 animators over eight weeks with intricate details in the surreal landscape that includes garlic and onion hot air balloons, broccoli trees, cheese bridges and bread boulders.