Cold Storage delivers simple ads for branding campaign

Singapore’s oldest supermarket chain Cold Storage’s series of branding ads highlight the freshness of their produce.

As a chain of supermarkets, Cold Storage Singapore has a reputation in Singapore as a purveyor of premium groceries.

The chain embarked on a rebranding campaign, backed by the idea of taking a step back from the day-to-day grind of hardworking retail advertising. Refocusing their efforts in strengthening the brand, they would reclaiming their status as the truly fresh food people.

A series of four simple graphic ads were born, with visuals such as a misty morning at a pier, a beautiful vegetable garden, a herd of cattle on a green pasture and an orchard with fresh fruits for the picking.

LHM Advertising, which was behind the brand campaign, highlighted Cold Storage’s quest of bringing the freshest nature could offer to store.

“At the core of this visual led campaign, is our familiar supermarket trolley. It is an iconic piece of hardware, which is easily identifiable by our target audience.” said Patrick Low, who was behind the creative idea. “This non-contrived way of positioning our logo and tagline allows us to sell instead of tell our audience what we stand for.”

To seal the deal, a line of copy highlighting Cold Storage’s history and commitment supports our claim that we go to great lengths to bring our customers the freshest. All they need to do, is to pick up a trolley at our supermarkets.