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article|September 27, 2021

5 reasons why digital marketing isn’t working for your brand and how you can fix them

Inefficient use of social media
Social media owners are constantly updating their platforms and tools. To be able to effectively maximise your advertising dollars, you need to stay updated on their usage. If you can utilise each media platform correctly and effectively, you will be able to achieve more in less time.

Poor quality content
People tend to take this for granted. Quality images and videos are crucial as they catch the eyes of your audience and intrigue them to follow up with your brand and business. In order to maximise efficiency, the images and videos need to be of recommended resolutions and layouts by social media channels.

Unclear messages
It’s important for you to have a clear takeaway message and call to action for your audience. Leaving it vague may not capture your audience’s attention and waste your marketing dollars. To achieve the desired results of your digital marketing strategy, you need to know exactly what message you want to convey to your target audience.

Unrealistic expectations and goals
Before beginning any marketing campaign, it’s key to set realistic expectations and goals. To do so, testings are common to identify and build key metrics. This process can help you to set achievable goals, impressions and engagement.

Too rigid
Things change at lightning-fast pace in the digital space. What’s relevant yesterday may be obsolete today. Having a fluid marketing plan can help you to better engage your audience and stay contextually updated in your communications.


Top 5 Reasons Why Digital Marketing Isn't Working For You
(And How To Fix Them)


Adobe Digital Publishing Solution Team